The NEHM Guarantee

August 9, 2019
Author: New England Home Mortgage

Our customer service is what separates us.

At New England Home Mortgage, we want to achieve the end result - getting you into a new home - but we also want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

With years of experience in mortgage lending, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and know what challenges may come up for each client we work with. Throughout our time working with you, you can expect us to communicate each step of your journey to homeownership.

NEHM Guarantee

The NEHM Guarantee is for your peace of mind. We want you to know what to expect right from the start. Our guarantee states that:

We will provide a 5-STAR experience.

A lot of places claim to provide a quality experience, but do not offer an explanation of what that means. Through our experience in the industry and feedback from clients and other professionals, we have clarified what a 5-star experience looks like with NEHM:

  • We keep you updated. Communication is essential when buying a home. We stay in touch with our clients so you understand what is happening when it is happening, allowing you to stress less.
  • We stop surprises. The process of buying a home is not always linear. By staying in communication with not only you, but with your real estate agent, the underwriter, and closing attorney, we can stop any surprises that may come up.
  • We anticipate challenges. Brian Faye explains, “One thing Brian and I are good at is anticipating challenges. We look at your credit, we look at your paychecks, we anticipate what the underwriter will ask before they do.”

Will everything go perfectly? Not always. When things don’t go according to plan, we guarantee to anticipate challenges, offer solutions, and stop any roadblocks.

Brian Taylor sums up the NEHM Guarantee, “We want you to have a really unique experience here. We want to keep you updated on everything, we want to stop any surprises, and we want to get in front of any challenges to keep you in the know on everything.”

Watch Full Disclosure Episode 7 to learn more about the NEHM Guarantee!

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