Are you looking for something good today?

June 16, 2020
Author: New England Home Mortgage

Are you looking for something good today?

In the midst of recent and ongoing crises, parts our lives have seemed to stand still for a moment. Yet at the same time, winds of change in the markets have created conditions that may allow you to discover the rainbow after the storm.

If you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to buy or sell a home, this may be it.


For one, interest rates. They’ve just recently hit an all-time low. This means you may be able to purchase the home you’ve wanted with a lower monthly payment or buy more house for the same payment. And who wouldn’t like a little extra space right now, maybe with a quiet home office or a basement rec room for the kids?

What else?

Prices. Home values continued to show strength through the spring. In some cases, buyers delayed purchases. With fewer active buyers, motivated sellers were willing to negotiate. As buyers come back into the market through the summer, greater demand could push prices higher.

Low rates alone are enough to make this a good time to buy. For buyers who are ready, willing and able to act before others, this may be an especially good time to make your move.

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