The Mortgage Loan Process in 10 Steps

August 9, 2019
Author: New England Home Mortgage

The process for getting a mortgage shouldn’t be a guessing game. We’ve broken it down into 10 steps so you know what you - and your loan processor - are doing next.  

Step 1: Complete a pre-qualification application here.

Step 2: Once you are under contract to purchase a home, sign Loan Application and Disclosures. Provide supporting documentation to your loan officer.

Step 3: Your NEHM Loan Processor will review your file for completeness and submit to the lender for review.

Step 4: You will receive and eSign the Loan Estimate and Initial Disclosures from your lender.

Step 5: NEHM Loan Processor will contact you to order the appraisal for the property you are buying.

Step 6: Your Loan Processor orders title work from the Closing Attorney.

Step 7: The lender reviews your file and issues a conditional Mortgage Approval with a list of items needed prior to closing. Your NEHM Loan Processors with work with you to get any conditions cleared.

Step 8: You receive the Clear to Close, and your file will move to the Closing Department.

Step 9: Closing is scheduled with your Lender and Closing Attorney.

Step 10: You will receive and eSign a Closing Disclosure (CD), issued at least three days before closing. This indicates the amount due at closing.

That’s it! You made it to your closing! Here’s what Wayne Coleman had to say about the process with NEHM:

“They told us exactly what we needed and kept us updated the whole time. It was like following instructions - so easy.”

Start with Step 1 today!

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